Friday, February 21, 2014

It's been a while!

I think I'll just jump right in as if I haven't been off the grid for the past 16 months....and then maybe I'll work my way back to record some of Lemon's life! 
Valentine's Day
On the 13th we had a little preschool party with other kids from the ward along with Benton and Grayson.  I forgot to bring my camera. :(  The kids exchanged valentines, decorated cookies, played little games and did a lot of running around.  Good times.

I also dressed up the boys for our bi-annual tradition: visit Dad at work.  We go interrupt Dave's classes at CWI and take candy to his students on Halloween and Valentines.  We also go make the rounds of his coworkers as well.  Here's the boys hard at work.
Dave's students seemed to like the visit.  One of them said these boys would grow up to be "lady-killers."  So we'll get ready for that. 

The next day I woke up early and made a Vday breakfast for everyone: heart-shaped bacon, heart-shaped blueberry pancakes (served up in a new tortilla warmer I got Dave for Vday) and strawberry orange juliuses (I gave Dave his drink in a new photo collage mug I had made).  Then, I took the boys to open gym at the Boise Friends Church. Gabe spent almost the full hour and a half on this contraption, taking various kids for a spin on his backseat.  He would just pedal around by himself until he found a kid alone and then ride up to them and ask if they would like to go for a ride.  So he's got a career as a rickshaw man if nothing else works out.

Once we got home, Gabe and Lemon "helped" me make a chocolate cake.

Lemon had fun with his Valentine's balloons:

And for dinner Dave and I tag-teamed a steak dinner with caesar salad, braided bread, and of course:

We decided that next year we're going to be like normal people and get a pizza for the kids and go out to dinner.  Even though the day was a little hectic, I do love my boys and am happy to take the time to show them once-in-a-while!

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  1. Ok, your little dude guys are TOO ADORABLE in their little Valentine's Day gear-get out. And also, geez, you guys really DO Valentines! We got, you know, a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's. And finally, but perhaps most adorably, Gabe's Face! In the chocolate cake picture! Ha ha haha, classic!