Sunday, January 4, 2015

A fun day in Donnelly

Yesterday we went with the Grange family to have fun in the snow in Donnelly.  The day started out with some sledding:

Turns out Gabe is pretty tenacious on a sled! Dave and I both claim responsibility for this. We both apparently had our glory days on water tubes in bygone years. Here is video of Gabe on his sled (he held on much better on earlier runs, but even when he fell he was tough!).

After the sledding, we went on a sleigh ride to see elk. Here are some pictures of the boys waiting to get on the sleigh. Aren't those horses awesome?!

The elk come here to winter every year and will come right up to the sleigh to eat off the hay bales we sit on!

After the sleigh ride, we went into town and had Subway sandwiches.  The boys were goofing around and I was trying to hold them still in the store and Lemon slipped and pulled me down with him! After lunch we went and swam in Gold Fork Hot Springs.  Sorry, no pictures, but believe me, you didn't miss out! (The pools were awesome but the people utilizing the pools didn't need to be documented. haha)

All in all, a very fun day!

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  1. Shannie! So nice to see you! It turns out that we have done approximately all of those things up in McCall, and they were so fun!

    And hey, I just realized-you need to change your blog name to LadieS and Dude Guys.

    Also, whenever you are up to it, let's play!